Name: China
Source of Persecution: Communist & Post-Communist Oppression
Rank: #27 on the World Watch List

The management of religious affairs in China lies with the Communist Party now, not just with the government, and Christians are feeling this strongly.  Crackdowns against Christianity happen countrywide and in both state-approved and non-registered churches. Increasingly, youth are removed from church life; worship is monitored via CCTV and spies; and teachers and medical workers are forbidden from having any religious affiliation.

Prayer Points:

  • Pray for the growth of believers from minority people groups that are from Muslim and Buddhist backgrounds.
  • Pray for Chinese Christians to stand strong amidst tightening religious restrictions and to engage in cross-cultural missions effectively.
  • Pray that the Chinese Christians who have not yet been arrested in raids would have courage and perseverance in the faith.
  • Pray that Christ will reveal Himself to government officials who seek to control the Church.
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