Long-Term Missions is for people who are willing to dedicate 2 years or more sharing the gospel in a cross-cultural context.  We want people to go plant their lives among the nations.


Launch Teams provide a next step for groups of people who are committed to going overseas together.  Individuals come together and train as a group with the united purpose of going to the field.

Launch Teams focus on seven key areas:

  1. Team Building: Learn about your particular gifts, talents, personality, and preferences and how they can work together with your team. Find out specific jobs that align with your make-up, and learn to make decisions as a team given your different backgrounds and desires.
  2. Conflict Resolution: Prevent a team split by learning to resolve conflict when the stakes are high. Develop healthy strategies for having tough conversations, recognizing stress signals, and coming to resolution faster and simpler.
  3. Character Building: Form a personal development plan to guide you in setting goals. Go through studies as a group on communication, honoring, submitting, forgiving, and suffering.
  4. Church Planting and Multiplication: Learn firsthand what a Jesus Community is like and how to form new ones. Go through the stages of church planting, and facilitate training on how to spark a movement.
  5. Ministry Plan Development: Form a plan for when your team first arrives on the field. Be ready for language learning, acculturalization, and investigation of ministry opportunities to make the most of your first months.
  6. Agency Selection and Engagement: Receive valuable coaching to help you approach and choose an agency that meets your team’s goals and enhances its strengths.
  7. Full Partner Team Development: Be prepared for developing a team of stateside partners—both financial and in other areas of needs. Motivate this team to be as committed to the vision as you are, and communicate your needs to them regularly.