Ukraine Relief

Along with our global partners, we continue to monitor the unfolding, tragic crisis in Ukraine and surrounding areas. We will continue to share opportunities to provide support for the hurting. 

In the meantime, please join us in praying for God’s intervention using these prayer points, and prayerfully give to the Prestonwood Cares Ukraine Relief Fund, which, in turn, will be supporting efforts of various partners and bodies of work, as they become known.


  • Pray for the people of Ukraine, for strength, courage and perseverance as their homeland is devastated by war.
  • Pray for the millions of displaced people, that in the face of war, they find psychological, emotional and spiritual healing from this trauma.
  • Pray for local churches, missionaries and relief workers to care for the massive wave of refugees coming out of Ukraine and also for the internally displaced populations.
  • Pray for those involved in this war, especially those who do not know Christ.


The Ukraine Crisis will likely continue for some time. Those directly affected will require attention from the outside community for years to come. The Prestonwood community is committing to providing direct assistance through individual and team support. We will be working together with various partners, (including those listed below and others as they are identified) to provide assistance.

  • Samaritan’s Purse
  • SEND Relief (NAMB)
  • ServingHIM


Click here to donate to the Prestonwood Cares Ukraine Relief Fund.