Short-term missions involve up to two weeks of serving on a team in another context with a goal to pour out ourselves for the sake of the lost, the poor and the global Church. At Prestonwood, our approach is two-fold: strengthen the Church in “reached” contexts, and establish the Church in “unreached” contexts.


  • Be a Christ-follower.
  • Be a member of the Prestonwood community.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the Gospel and biblical mandate for the nations.
  • Agree with the core beliefs of Prestonwood.
  • Complete the required forms within the time specified; pay the trip cost on the agreed-to dates; and attend all required team trainings and commitments.


Step 1 – Pick a Trip

Click here for a list of upcoming Short-Term Mission trips. If you have questions about trip specifics, please feel free to click here to request for additional trip information.

Step 2 – Application

Complete the required registration forms in their entirety and pay the trip deposit (when applicable).  After completion, you will then be notified when you are placed on the trip roster.

Step 3 – Fundraising

Unless otherwise provided in written form to a team member, one-third of trip balances are due each on Day 90 and 60, and final balances are due no later than Day 30 before departure.

Personal fundraising for the trip should begin immediately after notification of placement on the active trip roster. Please see details on trip fundraising in the “Short-Term Missions Team Member Guide.

Step 4 – Training

Required training is outlined in the “Short-Term Missions Team Member Guide” and in communications to team members by team leaders. Team members should prepare to commit to be at every team meeting.

Step 5 – Go

Our prayer is as we go to serve the church on short-term mission trips, God will use the teams to make His name known, strengthen the local church where it exists, and be part of establishing it where it does not exist. We also pray that as many people as possible will go and be exposed to different contexts and cultures, and that God will prompt them to serve Him elsewhere, more frequently, and in some cases, in longer capacities.