Name: Somalia
Source of Persecution: Islamic Oppression
Rank: #3 on the World Watch List

Estimates suggest that 99 percent of Somalis are Muslim, and all minority religions are heavily persecuted. The Christian community is small and under constant threat of attack. Sharia law and Islam are enshrined in the country’s constitution, and the persecution of Christians almost always involves violence. Additionally, in many rural areas, Islamic militant groups, such as al-Shabab, are de facto rulers.

Prayer Points:

  • Somali Christians often must hide their faith to stay safe. Pray for the safety and discipleship opportunities for these isolated believers.
  • Pray for Christians who convert from Islam, that they will be protected from violence and oppression.
  • Pray for the government of Somalia, that its leaders will be open to the truth of the Gospel.
  • Pray that Christian workers will be wise and have grace to daily express God’s love and that the Lord would continue to build His kingdom there despite hostilities.
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