Pitaguari of Brazil

Population: 4,200

Primary Language: Portuguese

Primary Religion: Ethnic Religions (95.00%)

Status of Gospel: Unreached; Few evangelicals (0.50%) and few who identify as Christians (5.00%)

Profile: The Pitaguari or Pitaguary of Brazil have had connections with the outside world for about four hundred years when the Portuguese came to them. The Dutch then arrived later and the Pitaguari joined forces with them against the Portuguese. In the seventeenth century they were contacted by the Jesuits. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the Pitaguari registered lands which were brought together and is now the Pitaguari Indigenous Land.

Prayer Points:

  • That the Brazilian government will ease their restrictions on evangelizing small people groups in their country.
  • That Brazilian Christians will give the Pitaguari the gospel message and lead them to Jesus Christ.