Israel Crisis Relief

Our hearts are heavy as we watch news reports of the terroristic brutality unleashed on the Israeli people and the war that has followed in the Middle East. While people are hurting and now in a warzone, we know that God is on the move through various Christian organizations to provide help to the hurting.

We are in close contact with our partners who are on the ground in these and other areas, as we seek to find how we can best help. We will provide more information when we determine where the Lord is leading us to help.

However, please join with us right now in these ways:


Join us in praying for God’s intervention using these prayer points:

  • That God would have mercy on the millions who are suffering and comfort those who have lost loved ones
  • That God would use current events to draw the lost into a relationship with His Son
  • That the lost will ask believers about the peace they have in times of trouble


Click here to give today to support these and other crisis areas.


Initial support will be provided to ministry partners, whose work is in progress and is very close to the devastation and the people affected in such a personal way.  They include:

  • Baptist Village (led by IMB)
  • Friends of Zion (led by Mike Evans)
  • Joshua Fund (led by Joel Rosenberg)
  • Texas Baptist Men

Partner ministries will be identified as knowledge of additional work is learned.  Please continue to check this site for details.


Click here to provide your name and contact information to receive future updates on opportunities to provide support for those who are hurting.