Salt Lake City, Utah USA – 2022-20

Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah, as well as the most metropolitan and populous city in the entire state. More than half of the population in Salt Lake City are Morman, and thus many historical and religious reminders of Mormonism can be found all throughout the city. Home to the largest saltwater lake in the western hemisphere, The Great Salt Lake, the natural beauty of the city draws in many tourists each year.

Short-term trips categorized at this level have either a leisure level of physical activity, intermediate ministry or location requirements, or all of the above. Participants must be willing to share the gospel and their testimony to others, be physically able to walk leisurely for extended periods of time, over primarily level surfaces, although some surfaces may be elevated with steps and uneven surfaces. Participants must be willing to commit to attending 100 percent of scheduled trainings on culture and ministry tactics.

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